Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Crazy Professor Reading Game

I am amazed and honored with how many shares and comments I have received on this blog thus far.   One of my neighbors, a substitute teacher, downloaded the book onto her Kindle. I have also spoken to a few who got caught up in the YouTube frenzy too.  Even one of my friends, who is not a teacher, posted a video of one of the techniques used in Whole Brain Teaching called "The Crazy Professor Reading Game."  

You see, WBT is so much more than just a classroom management system.  It's about learning by connecting the mind and body.  In this video you will observe one of Whole Brain Teaching's finest and Directer of Certification, Nancy Stoltenberg, demonstrating this revolutionizing technique with a 2nd grade class.  The whole point is to get the students engaged.  Gone are the days we can just sit around and "round robin" read or play "bump".  With this technique, students become the story.  They question each other, forcing the student to dig deeper and answer why and how questions.  After a short period of time, each student can not only retell the story, but they can read it with inflection and fluency. In addition, they are reviewing grammar and identifying character's motives.  Who wouldn't want to read when it's so much fun?

Again, Chris Biffle has developed something so incredible that these techniques span the grade levels.  Here is a fourth grade example.

I also suggest your register for the WBT website.  It's free and during the school year Chris Biffle himself hosts live webinars on Monday nights.  During these sessions, you can talk live with the man himself.  Not only are the sessions free, but he has pages of free ebooks that are downloaded as pdf's you can use in class.  After you register, click on ebooks, order the documents by name and scroll until you find "The Crazy Professor Game" documents.  Here is "The Crazy Professor Reading Game" webinar.  It is about an hour long but so worth your time. Happy reading!!!!!!!


  1. Hi!
    I am very pleased to discover a new blog with a focus on Whole Brain Teaching! Thanks so much for sharing my reading video with others! I look forward to watching your WBT Journey to Certification!
    Mrs. Stoltenberg's Second Grade Class

    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it. I look forward to trying the Crazy Professor Reading Game with my kindergarteners this year.