Monday, September 1, 2014

The Good, The Better, and The Unbelievable!

I thought I would take a moment on this beautiful Labor Day to reflect on my first two weeks of school.  There have been so many wonderful changes to embrace.  However, some days, I feel like it is my first year teaching with the late nights scouring the standards dreaming up the perfect lesson.   Yet, there are many that I am grateful for those years of experience.

This year is my first year using the Super Improver Team and completely doing away with the color change system.  I admit that I was concerned that those who misbehaved wouldn't have a reason to behave.  However, I had to focus on the positive more and what happened with their behavior the first week was really good.

With my lead of positive comments, individual student mini celebrations, and support of the scoreboard, I was able to successfully get the kids on my side.  Some even began to mimic my positivity.  The best thing that happened the first week.  During some class participation, some student began to get upset when they weren't picked to participate.  One of my students started giving a mini celebration each time a student was picked.  Each time, more and more students began to join the celebrations.  After a few days, it became a classroom norm.

As we moved into the second week, a level of comfort was established.  Some students began  getting very friendly with each other.  By the fourth day of the second week, it was time to introduce the Super Improver Team.  The turn around in student behavior was unbelievable.  By the end of the week, folded hands and eyes on me were the norm across my classroom.

Thus far, I am convinced that I made the right decision to stick to the cone of positivity.  I am looking forward to beginning the third week with this new level of positive reinforcement in place. 

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